Building Types

APT Storage offers four different building types for our hi-rise apartment clients as shown below. Please know that we are happy to work with your staff to deliver the types and sizes of storage buildings that best suit your residents’ needs.

The Garage Locker™:  This all-metal, portable locker is 8.2” wide, 4.0’ deep, and 3.0’ tall.  It is elevated approximately four (4) feet with adjustable legs, allowing most vehicles to front-end park underneath it.  The locker can hold 32 square feet (up to

1,000 lbs) of storage including:  bicycles; boxes; golf clubs; toys; holiday decorations; etc.  

The Benefits:  The Garage Locker™ will provide valuable storage space to your residents, directly in front on their current parking garage space.  Our program is available at no upfront cost or long term contract to you.  Your property gains a new, valuable amenity and new revenue source with zero capital requirements!