High Rise Apartments

Your residents need extra storage and APT Storage answers that need with on-site self-storage buildings that are safe and secure .

Our APT Storage product was designed by a team of property management professionals combined with talented, certified architects and licensed engineers after years of extensive industry research and development.

The mobile storage buildings are constructed of a metal or panelized structural system, assembled and delivered to your property.

APT Storage offers several models for garage parking decks including 4’x8′, 6’x8′, and 8’x8′ platforms, which are approximately 6’5″ high.

Every unit includes a separate door and a stainless steel, heavy duty, disc lock for added security.

APT Storage surveys your parking garages at no cost, to determine the best locations for our product. We look for unused corners and areas in the garage in order to create a new amenity without reducing any parking spaces!

The APT Storage buildings are transported by truck from our factory and set into the pre-selected areas. APT Storage is fully responsible for all expenses including building maintenance, repairs, and insurance.

Our product is easy to use and provides secure, affordable, on-site self-storage exclusively for your residents. This amenity offers a new revenue source while requiring no capital expenditure from your property ownership or management.