The Problem: In April of 2000, one of our property management clients had a real need to provide extra storage for their residents. The demand was so great they were actually losing prospects and rentals because they had no on-site storage at most of their communities.

The Solution: APT Storage delivered two storage buildings custom matched to integrate within the community, and placed them on the common area grounds of their property. Within 48 hours, all of the first eight storage units were leased to their waiting-list of residents! Over the next year, 125 more storage units were delivered to this client in five states!

The Problem: In 2002, many apartment management companies started ancillary revenue divisions to maximize their revenue stream. One large apartment REIT contacted APT Storage to explore its revenue sharing program.

The Solution: The REIT was impressed that no capital was required in order to reap the benefits of the APT Storage program. After the initial success at their first property, they placed APT Storage units throughout their mid-Atlantic regional portfolio!

The Problem: A smaller management company contacted APT Storage when their property manager realized they had lost four potential new residents to a competitor down the street. Their competitor had optional garages. Two of the lost prospects needed secure storage for their motorcycles and the other two were moving from a large home. All these potential new residents wanted storage on-site and wanted it immediately! While the property manager tried to convince the prospects that their property was in a better location and had more amenities, the one “must have” amenity and service, extra storage , was not available.

The Solution: Within weeks, APT Storage solved their problem by adding $50,000 worth of new storage amenities, all at no cost to the property. Best of all, the property leased up quickly. They could now compete with any competitor on all levels!

The Problem: An apartment owner with multiple communities near military bases contacted APT Storage. The lack of extra on-site storage meant that many of their military residents had to go two to three miles to the nearest self-storage facility.

The Solution: APT Storage stepped in and, within weeks, delivered their custom finished product to meet the demand of their residents!