How much ancillary revenue can my properties generate?

Up to 25% of all rent collected under our no-cost revenue sharing program.

Will this type of amenity give my property a competitive edge?

Yes! APT Storage has been a great selling benefit and closing tool for properties in all markets since 2000.

What if I am not satisfied with the program?

APT Storage provides a “90-day guarantee.” If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our program, we will remove our product at no cost or penalty to you.

Will APT Storage provide promotional materials for our staff to use as an aid in announcing this new amenity to our residents?

Yes! APT Storage provides a full marketing program in order to assist your leasing staff and promote the new amenity!

What length of contract term is offered to the apartment owner? What are the terms for our residents to rent a storage unit?

All of APT Storage’s property/client service agreements have a 12 month term. APT Storage’s lease agreements with your residents are all month-to- month with a 15 day notice to cancel.

Does the apartment community use an addendum to lease to their residents?

No. All residents are under a self storage lease agreement with APT Storage.