Owner Revenue

APT Storage provides a revenue stream to your financial bottom line!

This innovative amenity will provide a new revenue source for your apartment communities and requires no capital expenditure.

APT Storage pays a percentage of the storage rental revenue to each apartment owner/community as follows:

Monthly Cash Occupancy Level Percentage of Revenue Paid to Owner/Community
96% to 100% 25%
91% to 95% 20%
81% to 90% 15%
71% to 80% 10%
70% or less 0%

Based on a 128 sq ft/building, at 96 -100% occupancy, and receiving 25% of the total rental revenue, the following chart shows the estimated potential projected annual revenue for your property:

# of Apt Units # of APT Storage Buildings Projected Monthly Revenue (25%) Projected Annual Revenue
500 10 $420 $5,040
1,000 20 $840 $10,080
5,000 100 $4,200 $50,040
10,000 200 $8,400 $100,080

APT Storage adds value to your bottom line!

If your leasing staff closes just ten more apartment leases a year because your property offers APT Storage as a “one-up” over the competition, that would mean this free amenity could increase your property’s NOI by the following:

A lease of $800 per month x 12 month lease = $9,600 per lease x 10 leases = $96,000.00 per year!!

An amenity your residents need, increased apartment rentals, additional revenue, all at NO COST to you! Why wouldn’t you choose APT Storage for your communities?